Our New To Be Released Features:

Providing Moving Companies and Van Lines the ability for providing binding estimates to your online market within minutes. We took all the abilities of your most successful company salesman, turned everything complicated into something simple, added some of the latest technologies and created a moving software where your options are endless.

Tipping Features

Feature that allows the customer to tip the workers and include it in the final bill.

Arrange Transportation For Customer

Feature that helps the customer arrange transportation for themselves the day of the move (for example, elderly may not have their own form of transportation and may need a taxi or car service).

Moving Accessorials Calculated

Feature to calculate costs of moving accessories required for the move, such as boxes, pads, blankets, bubble wrap, paper, popcorn, rolls of corrugated cardboard for floor protection, shrink wrap, etc.

Additional Charges Automatically Calculated

Feature that calculates additional charges for moves that involve excessive labor, such as requiring more than 3 flights of stairs.

Customer Incentives

Feature offers the customer “incentives” for the move, such as a credit for boxes they purchase themselves.

Shuttle Truck Calculations

Feature to automatically give the option for “shuttle truck” service should the main moving truck be too large to reach the origin/destination address.

Additional Valuation Coverage Calculated

Feature that provides a link to calculate insurance coverage for the items. The software can directly interface to various insurance providers or use an internal algorithm for the calculation.

Ability To Shop Several Options For Moving Insurance

Feature that simultaneously provide different options for “valuation coverage” and provide them on the estimate sheet as required by local, state, and federal laws.

Adds Additional For Safes Requiring Safe Jacks

Feature for “safe jacks” to provide options for and automatically charge for moving safes.

Calculates Overweight Items

Option for user to indicate “Overweight items” and an algorithm so that they can be charged separately.

Option Services

Feature to ask for optional services such as chandelier removal, curtains removal, and other manual services (in addition to packing, unpacking, furniture disassemble/assembly).

Additionals For Bulk Head Containers

Feature for bulkhead shipping containers for overseas moves giving estimates generated by our patented algorithm.

Bulky Item Calculations

Feature for hot tub, pool table, machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, golf cart, etc.

Office Partitions Calculated

Feature for disassemble and reassemble of office partitions.

Customer Change Of Address

Feature to link into “address change” systems so customer utilities, credit cards, and other mail services can be automatically updated.

Pet Transportation Calculated

Feature related to pet transportation, either provided by the mover or an outside service.

Arranges Donations For Customer

Feature that provides a method to donate unwanted items to charities or to select items for disposal and an algorithm to calculate cost associated with this service.

Felt and Masonite Options For Hardwood Floors

An option to charge for placing felt on the bottom of furniture as well as the laying of masonite for hard wood floors.

Can Help In Interior Decorating Services

Feature to allow for the option of flexible on-site rearranging of furniture and an interior decorating service that is beyond the scope of the move in the contract.

Translates Into Multiple Languages

The system can be provided in multiple languages.

Itemization For Fuel and Tolls

A separate itemization of fuel and tolls can be provided.

Adds Additional Time For Written Inventory If Needed

Feature to calculate additional time in the quote for a customer to request a written inventory of their belongings.

Interfaces With Online Scheduling

And if that wasn’t enough… the software can interface with and update the electronic scheduling calendar for the moving company such that availability of equipment and human resources is known and moves can be automatically scheduled. The customer should only be able to schedule a move should the equipment be available based upon the electronic scheduling calendar.

Didn’t find a feature?

We are continuously evolving our software and concepts. We encourage you to contact us concerning a feature that was not on our website, as there are many developmental features not yet released but are updated monthly.

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  • As a family owned business, we have always relied on referrals and marketing by the mail. In an effort to grow, we re-designed our website and signed up for ComputeaMove software, and I don’t think it’s possible to sell on the internet without it. Very accurate and our sales continue to rise!

    Eric Parrish
    East Coast Van Lines
  • We dumped alot of money into the internet, hired SEO experts, and internet marketing managers, but nothing has came close to this! Without this software, you might as well forget about the internet. Its bringing more income with less traffic than ever!

    Alex Shapiro
    Santini Brothers Relocation
  • With the downturn of the economy and the changes in the moving industry, we thought that maybe the money wasn’t worth the chance. Computeamove offered a payment plan, and now after 9 months, I can’t believe the rate of return from such a product!

    Scott Silver
    United States Moving

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